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  • How Does It Work?

    When using the VRLY Card simply Tap someone's device and instantly share your Contact, Listings or Whatever you like! The Other Person Doesn’t Need A App or VRLY Card For It To Work

  • What You Can Share

    Our Cards allow you to share your customized contact card, listing links, or anything you want to share. Our VRLY app allows you to write your VRLY Cards to point at any URL you want. You have complete control of how to use the Cards with your team.

  • Custom Digital Business Card

    Setting up your personal card is fast and easy. Simply login to your VRLY card account as customize your business card.

Share All Your Contact Info And Social Media

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Anyone can have a VRLY CARD on their phone regardless of the model you have. They don’t connect to the phone they are on, they connect to the phone they are sharing information to. Even if you don’t have a phone on this list, you can still use your VRLY CARD by sharing the barcode inside of your profile!


Extra Service

VRLY Cards

Instantly Share Your Contact, Listings and Anything Else You Can Imagine.

LIDAR Depth Mapping

Change The Way Your Clients See The World

6 Degrees Of Freedom

Bring Customers Visions To Life


Host The Party And Grow Your Popularity

Cutting Edge Listing Tech

Win More Listings!

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Profitable Ads WHEREVER Your Customers Are.


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