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Take the overwhelm out of running a publication with VRLY Just pick your featured article partners, agents  and images! The perfect tool to show off at your next listing appointment.

Kick your Brokerage Marketing up a notch, with stylish and professionally designed Magazine.

Local Featured Articles

Feature local people, business and your agents in your own magazine all picked by you and your team.

Easy, Done For You Content

When we say easy, we mean it! Done-for-you content makes it a breeze to have these magazines finished and ready to print each month.

High Conversions

With your exclusive magazine you can pick the distribution to key neighborhoods and markets.

Premium Print Quality

With our magazine you can bring top notch magazine publications to your brokerage.

What to expect Work With Us.

  • Control Local Marketing

    Give your brokerage one more tool that your competitors don't have access to with the VRLY Magazine

  • Make Your Agents Stand Out

    Make your Agents stand out by giving them access to be featured on the cover of your monthly magazine.

  • Community Standout

    Standout with local vendors by being able to feature them in your magazine. You'll see a increase in referrals when you control the media

  • Increase Revenue

    Sell Ad space in your publication to drive revenue into your brokerage. This is just another tool in the VRLY arsenal to increase brokerage profits.

Control Your Local Media

Why would you pay ad partners to deliver your company and brand to clients? Are you paying for Magazine ads, Zillow, and Billboards? What if you could control your local premier magazine? You could pick what companies and agents were showcased in each month’s publications. You could pick what neighborhoods your publication was distributed to. You would have an exclusive marketing tool to reach customers. What kind of impact would this have on your business?

With the partner magazine produced through VRLY, you can give your business these advantages. Control your local media and advertise your listings while selling the 17 pages of available ad space to other businesses and realtors. Feature realtors, community members, local businesses, and yourself with each issue. This booklet is a downsized example of what your magazine could look like.


Extra Service

VRLY Cards

Instantly Share Your Contact, Listings and Anything Else You Can Imagine.

LIDAR Depth Mapping

Change The Way Your Clients See The World

6 Degrees Of Freedom

Bring Customers Visions To Life


Host The Party And Grow Your Popularity

Cutting Edge Listing Tech

Win More Listings!

Display Ads

Profitable Ads WHEREVER Your Customers Are.


Control Your Local Media While You Make Money

Press Release

Create Massive Awareness

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